Milliard Cat Bed – Self Heating, Thermal Cat Mat and Dog Bed…

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What is the Milliard Ultra Soft Thermal Cat Mat? This premium cat mat offers the perfect combination of comfort and superior durability for a perfect pet bed. The thermal cat mat keeps cats cozy and warm without the use of electricity. The mat uses your pet’s body heat to keep it warm in cooler weather. Features a soft leopard print design on one side and solid black fleece on reverse side.
How does the Thermal Pet Mat work? When your pet is on the mat, the thermal core reflects the pet’s own body heat to create a cozy place to snuggle up. This electric-free mat provides a warm and comfortable place for cats of all ages to enjoy.
Milliard cat mats are made only from the highest quality materials, ensuring a longer lasting and more comfortable product. This thermal cat mat is guaranteed to be your pet’s favorite! The Milliard Cat Mat measures 21″x17″.