Good Ideas D2-KMED-OLI Kennebec Kennel, Medium, Olive

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SINGLE PIECE, MILITARY STRENGTH CRATE – Put the Kennebec dog crate to the test. At Good Ideas, we have created our medium pet crate from the same process used to make industrial strength military cases. Don’t waste your money or time putting together those flimsy, 2-piece crates that may only last a few uses. Make an investment that will last and provide a safe, comfortable space for your pet.
DURABLE AND WEATHERPROOF; PERFECT FOR HUNTING – Take your dog with you on all your great adventures. The Kennebec Pet Crate for medium dogs is the perfect crate for all your hunting trips. The weatherproof walls are able to absorb impact while the corners remain virtually impenetrable to damage. This pet crate will keep your pup comfortable and safe even during the bumpiest of expeditions.
EASY TO CLEAN – The design of our pet crates was constructed to allow maximum comfort and safety for your dog, but we didn’t forget about you. Our medium crate no-seam construction means fewer nooks and crannies for crap to get stuck in. Small holes in the back of the dog crate make rinsing and cleaning the smooth surface simple so you can spend more time with your pup than cleaning up after her.

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