Freestanding Wooden Pet Gate, 6 Panel Folding Wooden Fence, Dog Puppy Gate…

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FREESTANDING WOODEN PET GATE – Requires no installation.The Pet Gate provides a safe and efficient way to confine your pets while offering a decorative and handsome touch to your home
6 PANELS – Gate is built with 6 separate panels secured together with sturdy hinges allowing the gate to fold out into many shapes configuration.such as Z-shape,rectangle,hexagon.The gate is free standing and could be used in front of doorways, entryways, halls, bedrooms and staircases
EXTRA ACCESSORIES – Each pet gate,we provide bolt and some screws.It helps to surround with a fixed hexagon and this bolt could be easy to open.You need to choose a right place,then use screws to fix bolt.Once placed,we advice not to move,or it may effect appearance.This bolt could be easily oprn even be fixed

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