Claw Withdraw Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray to Safely and Naturally Protect Your…

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A SAFE AND NATURAL SCRATCH-PROTECTION SPRAY that CURBS YOUR CAT’S DESIRE TO “redecorate” your house by mischievously clawing at the furniture, carving the carpets, liberating the feathers from the pillows, swinging from the curtains, trimming the Christmas tree…So, really anything that you wish to safeguard in your home.
A UNIQUE SOLUTION to tried-and-failed options of covering your couch with tape, tinfoil, or sitting on the floor. The spray creates an invisible liquid shield with an ultra-protective properties, which makes the cat seriously reconsider clawing its way through your belongings.
NON STAIN FORMULA is pet and furniture-friendly! Its key ingredients are gentle, plant-based and have been formulated to achieve the best results you’ve been wishing for.

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