Cat Scratch Guard Furniture Protectors (11 x 9 inch – 2 Pack)

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YOUR CAT WILL NOT SCRATCH THESE…EVER. Cat Scratch Guard vinyl is clear 20 gauge (20 hundreths of an inch), double polished (extra clear) and manufactured in the southeastern United States. Cats simply do not claw at where these furniture protectors are attached. The vinyl is thick enough to deter scratching and flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture.
CATS WILL USUALLY SCRATCH AT THE STURDIEST PARTS OF YOUR FURNITURE. The sturdiest part of your furniture is at the corners where the frame is and these guards cover that area. The vinyl is attatched to your upholstered furniture with the provided pins. YouTube “Cat Scratch Guard” for an installation video.
OUR PINS ARE SHORTER THAN OTHER PINS WHICH ENSURES AN EASY INSTALLATION. Our higher quality pins and vinyl make all the difference and by purchasing high volumes of these materials we are able to keep our prices low. Four extra pins are included in every package. Not recommended for leather because of the pins.

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