Freedom No-Pull Harness Large 1″ Harness Only- Black with Silver Loop

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This listing is for the Large Harness ONLY and does NOT include the leash. The 4-configuration training leash may be purchased separately. If you would like to purchase the harness and leash together select listings that state “training package” or “harness and leash”.
Sizing: The Large is 26″-32″ around and will fit a girth of 25″ – 31″. Please take an exact measurement of your dog’s girth. Use a soft tape measure or something soft and flexible. Start behind the left front leg. Go under the belly and behind the right front leg. Go over the shoulder blades till you meet the tape measure. You are making a circle around the girth of your dog.
US Patent: 7,165,511 Freedom No Pull Humane Training & Communication Harness with luxurious Velvet Lining on the girth/belly strap. Designed and Patented by Jessica MacDonald seller ID Purchase Direct from the Designer & Inventor of The Freedom No-Pull Harness.. Made in the USA.